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5 years ago, with over 20 years of industry experience under our belts, we began to build a main lodge and guest cabins at one of our favorite locations, the lovely Opatcho Lake. Along with being a trophy lake for Rainbow trout, producing great fish in the 2-8 lb. range, it is an area rife with natural beauty and charm. This is the stage on which our outdoor adventures take place, the heart of BC’s prime wilderness.

What We Do

Northern Outback Adventures offers fishing trips for Salmon and Steelhead, Rainbow trout, Bull trout, Rocky Mountain Whitefish, and Grayling. Fishing for Salmon and Steelhead require a 4-7 day trip, while we offer 1/2 day and multiple day trips for the others. We also provide jet boat tours to sites like  the Grand Canyon, Red Rock Canyon on the Fraser River, or the Fraser River itself. Or take a trip to Huble Homestead via the Fraser River to explore this unique historic site. In order to have a great trip, all you need to bring is your camera, sunglasses and, depending on the season, warm clothes - that and a few close friends or family members to share the experience with.

Other Adventure Services

Northern Outback Adventures also offers winter snowsheing. Snowshoeing in North Central BC is quite spectacular. The winter is a great time to be out on the trails exploring the numerous animal tracks and taking in the tranquility of a whitewashed wonderland.

We keep most of our trails packed for ease of use, and you can either bring your own snowshoes or use one of ours. Snowshoers should bring their own sunglasses, proper fitting winter boots, a pack sack to carry water, and miscellaneous layered clothing in case the temperature fluctuates.

Most snowshoeing trips are 2-3 hours long depending on personal fitness levels. For the more adventurous we offer something special, night time snowshoeing. This is a unique way to experience our great outdoors. 1/2 day trips are also available. If you bring your own cross country skis you can spend the day skiing on our trails.


Contact Us:  Ken and Crystal Watson


Phone: 1 - 250 - 964 - 6543

(please leave a message - we are often out on trips)


Fax: (250) - 964 - 6543


If you would rather contact us directly through our email - bearhug@telus.net

Website: http://www.northernoutbackadventures.com

Fishing on Optacho
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Jet Boating
Jet Boating

Winter Snowshoeing
Winter Snowshoeing
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