Things to do In our Community - Prince George, BC  

The Prince George Airport Authority's runway project will see the main runway extend to 11,400ft complete with center line lighting, dual ILS navigational systems and a dedicated refueling pad for wide body aircraft and will allow the PGAA to market the airport as a transpacific techstop alternative to International air carriers.  This will also enable carriers to consider Prince George for international passenger services. The runway will be open in the fall of 2008.
 Prince George Airport

Ritchie Bros Auctions
Ritchie Bros sells through unreserved public auctions, a broad range of used and unused industrial equipment including equipment utilized in the construction, transportation, material handling, mining, forestr, petroleum, marine, real estate and agricultural industries. 
 Ritchie Bros Auctions

Exploration Place Science Center and Museum
The Exploration Place at The Fraser-Fort Geroge Regional Museum is owned and operated by the Fraser-Fort George Museum Society, a non-profit and registered charity.
 Exploration Place







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